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Are you commercieel director, account executive, marketingmanager in B2B? You may be in intensive touch with customers and prospects alike, from a role in product management, service or customer success. Would you like to get more profit from distance marketing & selling in your business? Do you lack time for a deep, theoretical training or a workshop that touches upon all the bells and whistles of available sales, marketing and social media tools? Would you rather get to practical work yourself and with your team with the best tips and opportunities? Do you want to better position your teams as experts in the markt, smarter use online networking and get better leads from social networking? Do continue to read. This programme is designed especially if your answer is a full YES to these questions:

  • We offer a high-quality solution
  • The team (sales and non-sales) makes the difference in gaining trust with prospects and klanten
  • We believe in continued investment in the skills and mindset of management and the rest of our organization
  • The old way of sales no longer works in B2B
  • Digital yet personal sales and marketing is no luxury or something solely for fancy IT-companies but a MUST HAVE for us in B2B

Do you want to make a swift, practical step forward for yourself and your team, then this programme is fit for you.

What is Remote Selling and Social Selling and what's their use?

Here, remote selling is NOT defined as e-commerce as delivered by Amazon or Alibaba.

Remote Selling in B2B is engaging  – both online and by telephone or videoconference – in valuable conversations with the right prospects and customers.

Thereby helping them along in their customer journey.

In B2B customers often complete 70% or more of their buyer journey by themselves. Autonomously they look for the best answers and partners via social networks and Google. No accountmanager needed. That accountmanager physically is not welcome yet with customers or prospects.

That is especially the case in the orientation phase (or in a time of smart lockdown due to the virus).

As commercial director, how do you ensure to effectively keep in touch with customers and prospects alike from a distance?

This modern way of selling is based on 1-on-1 contact with best fit customers and prospects, adding value via relevant, bespoke advice and help. This in turn will enable both the prospect and you as supplier to assess whether it makes sense to take the next steps forward. 

When you are being honest you cannot serve everybody. And you do not want to either. On the other hand you want to attract your ideal customer, help him progress and turn him into a reference or ambassador. Right? What does remote selling have to do with ‘social selling’ ? Social Selling is hot. It is sometimes seen as pimping one’s LinkedIn profiel. And off you go. So what is it? It is the smart use of social networks such as LinkedIn, facebook or twitter to achieve commercial results.

Social Selling is not suited for accountmanagers yet also for management, entrepreneurs and business professionals such as accountants, lawyers, IT-consultants and advisors.

Social selling consists of all actions geared towards getting into touch with potential customers via social media, thereby building rapport and trust and kickstarting and reinforcing the commercial process. Remote selling centers around sharing the right expertise thereby better advising prospects and customers. That is a lot easier, more sustainable than face-to-face and can be done at pretty much any time that suits your relationships: 24/7. 

Learn from Paul Hassels Mönning & various other experts

This e -learning program is an initiative by Paul Hassels Mönning: B2B sales strategist, author and trainer. He shares the best lessons and insights from his practice of working with international medium and large B2B companies. His motto in Social Selling: ‘sales success in B2B is mainly a mix of curiosity and adding value, especially online’. Company size matters less and less: he and his company dutchmarq get a periodic flow of opportunities, leads and requests from the mix of good content and Social Selling. Paul Hassels Mönning stands in front of your virtual classroom with one or more seasoned, practical experts. Think of Josette Schakel, Eric Pijfers and Marc Bloemendaal, among others. The online modules have been made possible also with contributions from:

  • Financieel Dagblad journalist and branding specialist Erwin Wijman,
  • professional flirtcoach and conference host Saskia Paulissen
  • and video geek and trainer Pelpina Trip.

The programme also includes the best selection of inspiration from international and local companies and sales high achievers who have cracked their market formula in modern, buyer driven marketing and sales. Developed in collaboration with Westenwind training & design and the e-Learning eXpert Group.

  • The very best lessons and accelerators in Social Selling: what did we at dutchmarq learn on Social Selling in collaboration with international B2B clients such as DSV, EY and Alliander
  • What does an automotive journalist say about his favorite’s car sex-appeal (and how can one deploy the same magnetic impact in business)?
  • With what advice from a charming, professional flirtcoach does one conquer the heart of any business customer?

What's the value of Remote Selling in B2B?

B2B companies such as HubSpot and IBM achieve a factor 6 of more in sales qualified leads using remote selling and Social Selling as well as 32% or more in sales. B2B professionals not only strengthen their personal brand and authority on LinkedIn and other social platforms. Sales executives, accountmanagers and consultants often grow the number of relevante leads and requests for information by a factor 2 or more by smarter leveraging social media. Social selling therewith becomes an ever more important factor in driving revenue. 

‘I have little time as it is’ Remote selling per definition results in time efficiencies. Let’s face it. When you save one hour in travel time (single journey) per intake, demo or strategysession, that amounts to 2 hours per day. You may invest this time in better preparing yourself for the actual customer meeting. Or by generating new opportunities and engaging in new dialogues with customers and prospects. Consistency is key. By doing the right things with your team you initiate relevant, valuable conversations on a daily basis in your market, thereby building commercial success on an ongoing basis. With a regular, preferably daily dose of networking you keep healthy network opportunities.  Do not turn Remote Selling into the exception but into a steady routine during the global pandemic. Apply this programme’s best practices and make them work for you too. Organic, better exposure, more relationships, better leads and more revenue  Use smart marketing & sales to make your team visible from a distance as experts and trusted advisors in your area of expertise. This is how you share relevant new insights, career moves and other developments today. Also this enables you to obtain recommendations from your network either directly or via your social network for your business tomorrow. Reap the free business opportunity by means of Remote Selling in B2B and social selling, and benefit from the praktical lessons this e-learning programme has to offer.

Hungry for more?

Do you recognize yourself and your team from what you could read above? Are you hungry to start with your team? Great, see you soon. Select your or your training here. Do you first have a few questions or would you like to get acquainted by phone before our intake interview? Start now for a free consultation with Paul or a colleague.

Paul Hassels Mönning

Saskia Paulissen

Pelpina Trip

Pelpina Trip

Erwin Wijman


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