Social Selling: more exposure, better leads!


Program: 9 simple steps

In 9 simple steps from anonymous wallflower to social sales cannon.

Do you want to get a lot more return from social media in your business?

Do you want to get started with the best tips and opportunities in Social Selling?

Do you want to put your team on the map as experts in your market and jointly create smarter online networks or better leads from social media such as LinkedIn and twitter?

This online program is specially designed for you and your team of ambitious, busy account managers, sales professionals, marketers and entrepreneurs in B2B.

It consists of these 9 topics:

1. Social Selling: also for you!
2. Your goal determined: what ambition do you have with Social Selling
3. A flying start: where and how can you best start with Social Selling?
4. Social Selling success: which success stories are your mouth watering?
5. Harvest awareness: how do you easily build authority and reach in your market?
6. Earn better leads: how do you generate better leads with less effort thanks to Social Selling?
7. Progress made: where are you now or what have you already achieved in Social Selling?
8. Smart tools: which tools or aids make you faster or smarter than your colleague or competitor?
9. Staying successful: how can you most easily stay successful with Social Selling?

You get unlimited access to the online program in Social Selling including updates.

You are in good company

“I recognize many points, but there were also eye-openers. I have done well with the critical questions for me as a participant. These provide food for thought. Giving examples of people who do well on LinkedIn is also nice because it combines theory with practice.
 Irma Hagemans (interim marketing manager)

“The online training looks good on my tablet and I have already learned a number of new insights. Many eye openers….”
– Annelies Huisingh (commercieel directeur Lekkerkerker Groep)

“This training is highly suited for novice professionals and a great refresher for more advanced folks like myself! I would rate it a 7.7”
– David Fischer (Sales Development Representative, Diligent Corporation)

“Highly recommended, this online training Social Selling from Dutchmarq. In a short time you will gain more insight into the functioning and power of B2B social selling. With concrete handles for more results. The content and structure of the 9 modules invite you to start immediately after each module.”
– Arjan Gundlach, business development CareLyn

“Extremely hands on, fast and yet very relevant. Can be used immediately when you are already busy or want to start becoming relevant for your target group! Definitely recommended to include in any training pack for new commercial people.

In a very practical way, Paul guides you step by step through all the essential steps for social selling. As he himself says – social selling is not a sprint but a marathon. If you do it right, it really gives you (more) business. Linked In as a living poster of yourself, your abilities and what you bring. Really recommended.”

– Wilfred Kiekebelt (commercieel directeur, Van Dijk Educatie)

Social Selling trainer (and team)

Paul Hassels Mönning brings over 25 years of experience in various B2B commercial roles. He was program manager and account manager at Capgemini and marketing director at Fujitsu before he founded dutchmarq in 2010. From dutchmarq, Paul guided and trained dozens of B2B companies in various sectors, including Social Selling. He also wrote Brainbound Marketing, new online sales strategies in B2B and 2 HBO books in sales and account management.

Various experts contributed to this online program.

Think of video geek Pelpina Trip, flirt coach and conference chairwoman Saskia Paulissen and brand strategist and (dutch Financial Times) journalist Erwin Wijman.

Time investment: no sweat!

In terms of time required, count on 10 to 15 minutes per part.

You can do any module on your PC or MacBook, but also ‘on the go’, so on your tablet or smart phone (so also nice and lazy on the couch or in the backyard).

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