About us

What is the B2B sales academy?

The B2B sales academy is a dutchmarq initiative. Since 2010 dutchmarq as network company has helped B2B companies to come to commercial, international growth thanks to proven solutions and a network of senior professionals & partners. Dutchmarq helps to achieve commercial success by practical program management and training in B2B inbound marketing & sales. 

This is how we help

We help B2B companies in the Netherlands and internationally in:

✓ Commercial planning: the proper and efficient assessment of new, online business opportunities
✓ Building awareness: enhancing awareness for your B2B company and solutions
✓ Generating more and higher quality leads
✓ Improving the winratio
✓ Improving the marketing/sales/service effectiveness as client facing teams


What sets us apart

Our B2B training solutions are based on well over 25 years of experience of dutchmarq’s founder – complemented with insights of various customers and experts. Specialists in education and e-learning have helped to make each training as accessible as possible.

Our Unique Buying Reasons:

✓ Thorough
✓ Accessible
✓ Brought with a sense of humour
✓ The right mix: proven and new, digital best practices in B2B sales & marketing
✓ Unique combination of online and face2face learning
✓ Guarantee


Our services and solutions help B2B companies that want to grow their business in the Benelux and internationally.

Our solutions are based on the best insights from these disciplines: inbound sales, sales enablement, digital marketing, marketing automation, program management and customer psychology.

Our solutions:

✓ Marketing & sales strategy: quick scan & commercial plan
✓ Programs and tactical support (3, 6 or 12 months)
✓ Training, keynotes & workshops: 1-op-1, in-company, online and blended  – you have come to the right place: here at the B2B sales academy!

Do you have a question, do contact us. Most often you should see a response within 23 hours.


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